Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Co-operative Development

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  Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Co-operative Development

   First Published 2013

           Entrepreneurship is an important driver of the economy. Entrepreneurial activities are vital to wealth creation as well as generating new employment opportunities. The government of Malaysia is very serious in entrepreneurship development and billion of dollars are spent towards this effort. Public universities in Malaysia whose traditional role is to create and disseminate knowledge are now being entrusted with the additional role to create entrepreneurial graduates and graduate entrepreneurs.

            Recognizing the increasing importance of entrepreneurship development at universities, the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Coopoerative Development feel compelled to produce a book of readings in the topic of entrepreneurship and cooperative development. This book is a collection of articles on entrepreneurship and cooperative development that is not only taking place in Malaysia but also in other countries around the world. We believe this book will serve as a primary reference book to all parties involved in entrepreneurship and cooperative development.

           We would like to express our gratitude to the publisher for support in ensuring the publication of this book. Although we took every effort to be meticulous in putting together all the chapters in this book to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, nevertheless errors may creep in during the production of this book and for tha we accept full responsibility. We would appreciate if any errors or omissions be reported to us and we welcome any comments andd suggestion to improve this book for the future.