VOL.1 NO.1 DEC 2014

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   International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small & Medium Enterprise (IJESME)

     VOL.1 NO.1 ISSN 2289-8336 DEC 2014


           The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small & Medium Enterprise (IJESME) which is published by the Co-operative and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of UUM is a platform for scholarly researchers to publish their work on entrepreneurship and small & medium enterprise. IJESME covers the following areas of entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship, co-operatives, family business, women entrepreneurship, technopreneur, creativity and innovation, business growth, franchise, small & medium enterprise (SMEs), opportunity and recognition and general issue of entrepreneurial practices.

            IJESME on its inaugural issue has eight research articles ranging from Franchise Survey Report to Eco-Product Innovation Implementation. The first article, First Malaysian Franchise Profiling Survey happens to be the first Malaysian franchise survey ever to be conducted in Malaysia and hence its publication in this inaugural journal would provide useful literature for those in the franchise fraternity. The other articles published in this issue include;

    i)   Inclination Factors of Entrepreneurship Education Program: An Experience of Higher Learning                            Institution

   ii)   Repayment Performance in Microfinance Programs: An Individual Lending Approach

  iii)   Consensus Building as a Way of Enhancing Entrepreneurship Basic Education in Nigeria 

  iv)   Perniagaan Berpusat di Rumah: Kajian Profil Peribadi, Keluarga dan Perniagaan dalam Kalangan                      Usahawan di Daerah Kubang Pasu, Kedah

   v)   Inclination Towards Entrepreneurship Among Community College Students in Malaysia

  vi)   Pengaruh Gaya Kepimpinan Transformasi dan Transaksi ke Atas Prestasi Perniagaan PKS di Malaysia

 vii)   Eco-Product Innovation Implementation: Accessing Innovation Speed as Mediating Factor.