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Chee Hee Hoe, Abdul Rahim bin Othman, Filzah binti Md Isa, Zolkafli bin Hussin,

Amy Azhar bin Mohamad Harif, Hijattulah bin Abdul Jabbar, Siti Norezam binti Othman, Norkhazzaina binti Salahuddin



The Franchise Profiling Survey on Franchisors and Franchisee in Malaysia 2010 was conducted from 9th February to 13th April 2010.  This survey was conducted on all franchisors that are still in operation and registered with the Registrar of Franchise (ROF).  Data on the franchisees were captured through the franchisors that were surveyed. The main aim of this survey is to collect data in order to have an in-depth understanding about the current status of franchising in Malaysia, the current practices, performance, needs, expectations, key challenges and any other issues related to franchising.  The information gathered from this study will provide the inputs and form the basis in the formulation of the Malaysian Franchise Blueprint 2010.  With this blueprint, the Malaysian government would be able to design better policies, strategic recommendations and development programs in order to re-energise and further enhance the growth and development of the franchise business sector in Malaysia.

The data sought in this survey included the following, 1) detailed business and operational data which include basic company information and profile, franchise network and high-level franchise information; and 2) qualitative data relating to needs, expectations, issues and challenges faced by franchisors and master franchisees, and the critical success factors to facilitate the development of their franchise business and the franchise industry as a whole.

In conclusion, the researchers in this study were able to gain an insight into the current status of franchising in Malaysia.  The researchers were not only successful in collecting the important quantitative data, but from the sidelines, they were also able to gather some pertinent and equally important qualitative data in the form of sentiments and personal viewpoints about what they thought is the state of affairs of the Malaysian franchising sector, the issues and challenges.  Thus, the results of this survey are important inputs to the policy makers of the Malaysian franchising sector who are keen to design more proactive and effective policies, strategic recommendations and development programmes in order to bring the franchising sector to a higher level of growth and development.


Keywords: Franchising, profile of franchises, franchisor, performance