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 Consensus building as a way of enhancing entrepreneurship basic education in Nigeria

Danjuma Abdullahi1 Prof. Madya  Dr. Siti Alida John Bt Abdullah2

1 & 2 Ghazali  Shafie School of Government

College of law, Government and International Studies

Universiti Utara



Phone number: +60166519568




Modern government operate by networking with other institutions such as nongovernmental organizations, family, private organization, unions etc for the achievement of aims and objectives of the government policy, such networking depend on the commitment from the stakeholders or parties involved. But in Nigeria the delivery of basic  education neglect entrepreneurship education due to lack of collaboration with the stakeholders which create problems in basic education such as poor infrastructures, dilapidated buildings, influx of teachers from the teaching profession in search for greener pasture and increase in drop out.  The paper relied on interviews, documents, newspapers and periodic reports of the organization in focus. Atlas ti7 was used to analyse the data. The findings revealed lack of proper coordination of the programme, lack of enligtment and poverty as a result there are many out of school children in the state, the paper recommends increase in collaboration between the stakeholder in order to achieved millennium development goals (primary education) as well as vision 2020.



 Key words: Consensus building; State, Entrepreneur and Education